How to ship a LEGO sculpture to a contest?

2018-04-17 10:58:26

I am planning to participate in an art contest that allows paintings, sculptures, or video clips. I have a LEGO sculpture in mind that would fit the idea of the contest, but it would have to be shipped to the jurors. The contest itself is not about LEGO at all, so I have no idea how they will react to a LEGO set. I just want to use it as medium to convey my message.

The sculpture would be a diorama with a small figure (not a minifig) and some larger figures. The basic question is: How can the sculpture be delivered to the contest in one piece? I can think of some options:

Glue: Since the figures would stand in the diorama, the glueing area would be quite small, breaking is likely to happen.

Sturdy build, use Technic connections: Having the figures attached to the sculpture with lift arms would look weird and would probably decrease artistic value.

Partly disassemble the sculpture and give instructions for final assembly to contest committee.

Number 3 is my favourite