My home machine is broke. The single basket works but the double basket doesnt. Can baskets be broken/worn out?

2018-04-11 07:36:41

So my sunbeam em5600 coffee machine isnt working. Its worked unreliably but now it seems to be consistently not working. Plenty of water comes from the showerhead when theres no group handle in. I am able to get steam from the steamer but it runs out of steam quickly. I cant get any hot water stream from the steam wand.

When i put a single basket in the group handle it works. When i put fine or coarse or nothing in the double basket nothing comes out anymore. I have occasionally seen a drop of water coming out over the top when the group handle is in but nothing more so i dont think its the rubber ring. When i take the group handle out after a failed attempt there is a squeak noise so there definitely water built up under some sort of pressure. I soaked the baskets in vinegar for at least 12 hours last night, didnt help. I cleaned the machine every few months which is far more often than what the manual recommends.

For as long as ive had the machine which i got used