Is there any way to buy specific duplo blocks from Lego (pick-a-brick style and/or in bulk)?

2018-04-10 11:16:09

I'm brand new to this site, so please bear with me... I've used the search function with no luck, trying to find similar questions that have already been asked, and I've skimmed all the tips/guidelines/rules for question posting - hopefully despite my current state of sleep deprivation, I can manage to adhere to them!


I've gotten into Duplo blocks for building unique and constantly evolving creations for my sugar gliders to play with. Part of owning gliders is accepting that they'll inevitably use their toys as toilets, and with building blocks that means pee is going to end up in the crevices between blocks. This necessitates completely disassembling my creations at least 1-2x a week, thoroughly washing/sanitizing all the blocks and starting over from scratch. Between that and the size of adult gliders (approx 6'' body + 5-6'' tail), I just can't commit to the tedium that would be involved in using regular Legos - Duplo blocks fit my needs infinitely bett

  • Very short and simple:


    edit: Local group: TexLUG! There is and a host of google groups (

    2018-04-10 11:16:30
  • If you haven't already look for a local Lego User's Group. There's one in Brisbane, plus Sydney and Melbourne. Even if you are not local it might be worth going into the city to meet up with them and join their email list, because there are people in those groups who regularly tour second hand shops and auctions. If they know you want cheap Duplo then when they find it they're likely to either buy it on your behalf or put you in touch with the seller.

    BrickLink is the other obvious choice. You will rarely find exceptional deals, but you will easily be able to pick out the bricks you want. I suggest making a watch list with the larger bricks on it, and using the "show stores with the most items" link to sort it. Postage can be a killer in Australia, so you'll need to work out for each purchase how much the postage is and whether its worth while.

    In the USA and Europe the Lego shops sell parts to order, and often Bric

    2018-04-10 11:43:04
  • In addition to pick a brick, lego offers the service "bricks and pieces", which includes Duplo parts:

    This gives you new parts directly from lego.

    However with roughly $1 per 2x4 brick, this option is quite expensive. The design number for 2x4 bricks is 3011.

    2018-04-10 12:17:33