Preventing Crypto mining attack on system/server

2018-02-23 08:07:08

Recently I have seen Cryptocurrency mining algorithm attack is becoming more common over the internet. Most of server/system getting compromised and using compute(CPU Processing) for processing mining data. Most of people don't even aware their system/server is compromised. Their resource is utilised for someone else purpose.

Please refer for details

Millions of machines download cryptominer after users click on devious link

cpu usage 100% caused by silence and fs-manager


Crypto Miners – The Silent CPU Killer of 2017

There are many more example over the internet. I am just worried for these increasing attacks. There are various ways to handle or take corrective actions if such attack happens. But problem with this is post attack action.

My request is to all of you is if anyone has expertise what preventive action we can take to avoid such attack on server. Please do help to secure our self.