Entanglement: spin distribution and proportion

2018-02-23 08:04:11


Have the first particles been entangled just after the Big Bang?

What could be then the particles:

a. the entanglement proportions

b. and spin distribution?


By entanglement proportion I mean:

How many percent of the particles might have been entangled.

Shortly after the big bang and today.

By spin distribution I mean:

Let be 3 particles.

2 are entangled with each others.

One of them is sent away, and a 3rd particle is entangled with the remaining one. We have 3 particles entangled, two of same spin one of opposite spin.

To me, the spin distribution is then 2/3.

If we add a 4th particles and entangle it with any of the 3 others, the distribution is either of 3/4 (let say with a probability of 2/3) or 2/4 (with a probability of 1/3).


Made initially the assumption that the proximity of the particles (soon after their emergence) will be a sufficient hypothesis for their entanglement.

I reformulated it as a more general question.