Preventing access to comments/custom posts in lieu to replace comments

2018-02-23 07:51:03

Im building a QnA site on wordpress, with comments providing for the answers to a question-post. Like justanswer for example, I want a discussion to ensue under the question-post, and then an option to secure/lock/paywall a comment containing the answer - the comment can also hold a file.

I have a custom post type for solutions on the site, and would just love for people to post solutions to their questions in that custom post, but these should display in place of comments ... so Im kind of thinking whtehr to upgrade comment template, or is there a nifty plugin? Or... basically, how can I provide the ability to use a custom post in place of, and manner of a comment. The custom post already has all the fields - so its best suited to hang in place of a comment under the question-post.