Pair programming in NeoVim?

2018-02-21 10:45:51

I'm a NeoVim user and would like to be able to collaborate in real time with users, preferably also across other editors. Are there any open source plugins that enable remote Neovim←→Neovim pair programming?

I am aware of Floobits which is a proprietary system that includes plugins for various editors including NeoVim, but the server component is closed source and not an option for my projects.

Additionally, if there was a way to join other editors into the mix that would be ideal. The closest Open Source alternative I've run across is the MIT licensed Firepad which uses a Firebase backend to synchronize edits between users. There is a plugin for Atom which seems to enable those guys to work on the same file in real time but I don't see any plugins for NeoVim users like myself to join the party.

Edit: Any vim plugin interfacing with the teletype-client so team up with Atom's Teletype system would be of particular interest!