Chapter in printed thesis vs. journal article

2018-02-17 19:07:07

My computer science PhD thesis contains a chapter which is heavily based on an already published conference paper. I have published my thesis online, and fulfilled the requirements for my degree this way.

Nevertheless it is customary in my group to also publish the thesis as a proper book, to get shiny printed copies and to make it available to libraries etc.

Now I was invited to submit an extended version of my conference article to a journal, and since the thesis chapter was already an extended version of the conference article, I used material from there and the journal paper turned out to be very similar to the thesis chapter.

Will the journal publisher (Elsevier) likely accept a paper that has significant overlap with a chapter in a book that is not peer-reviewed, but (by then) is commercially published?

(This question is about copyright and publishing, not about citations and giving proper attribution to the other work.)

(Note: This answer doesn't apply to

  • (Note: This answer doesn't apply to hard-copy theses provided to your university library as part of your degree requirements. These count as theses for the paragraph on exceptions.)

    You're dealing with two separate issues here. The scholarly ethics of duplicate publication and the copyright issues. Let's tackle them one by one.

    Scholarly Ethics

    Most academic journals will not consider for publication work that his previously been published elsewhere (or is being considered for publication elsewhere); furthermore, the submitting author will usually be required to explicitly confirm that the work is not published (nor being considered for publication) during submission. This is known as the Ingelfinger rule. Subject to a few exceptions, discussed momentarily, the mode of publication doesn't matter: peer-reviewed paper, conference proceeding, book/book chapter, newspaper article, blog post, vanity publisher or predatory journal, it's been published. This doesn't simply apply to the m

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