Two figures are redrawn and merged into one. Permission required?

2018-02-17 08:13:34

1.) In case the the original paper has a number of figures. Take for example: Figure 4 is "Data model" and Figure 8 is "Mechanism structure". If I write my paper, and merge these two into one figure. Is it sufficient to cite it as (my review paper) Figure X: Data model and Mechanism Structure adapted from [44]? Is this modification enough as a waver for permission (and its payment)?

2.) What of the case when author A proposes "Data model" and "mechanism structure" in paper [30] and [35]. Is it sufficient if in my own paper, I have all four combined in one figure. Say, Figure Z: Data Model and Mechanism Structure proposed by author X adapted from [30,35]? Does this require permission also.

3.) Does rightslink have subsidized registration fees for students?