How to minimize litter being tracked out of a custom litter box?

2018-02-12 20:21:40

tl;dr- I'm making a litter box and I want to design it in a way that prevents cats from tracking much litter out of it. How could this be done?

I'm designing a do-it-yourself litter box because normal litter boxes aren't quite sanitary enough.

I have two main complaints:

I can't stand the smell of cat litter or cat leavings.

I don't like how litter can track when cats come out of a litter box.

So, my solution's basically this (don't do this at home, may not be safe/correct, etc.):

Get a big plastic box, e.g. this 25-gallon Rubbermaid storage container.

Cut a hole in a side of the box and insert a cat door, e.g. this one.

Some commercial cat boxes already have doors, though these doors tend to let air through on purpose. This design intentionally seeks a more air-tight door, so I figure I'll use one designed as a pet door for a house.

Cut two more holes in the top/upper-side of it and run air tubes with low-noise blower fans.

This 4-inch fan is rated 47 C