How many people watch RT programming regularly?

2018-01-19 10:27:44

RT is the focus of much public debate - about its content mostly. But what about its reach? That is, how many people the US watch RT programs regularly (over all media - TV, the RT website, YouTube, etc.)?

Also, my personal impression is that some shows have a more pro-Russian-outlook line, mostly anchored by actual Slav/Russian people, or people living in Russia (e.g. Worlds Apart, Crosstalk), while others are "shows progressive/left-wingers in the US would like" which focus on US social issues and seem to be constrained to just not talk about Russian internal/close-regional affairs (e.g. Redacted Tonight, Watching the Hawks), and the same for the UK (Going Underground, Sputnik-the-show). ... is there information regarding the viewership of the second kind of shows as opposed to the first kind?

Note: I'm not looking for exact statistics. Any insightful information would make a good answer.