“Have never been” vs “never was”

2017-12-29 15:19:26

"Have never been" or "never was", which one is grammatical in the following context?

John: Hey subha, can you please make pizza for us tonight? Me: You know I have never been/was never a good cook. We better order it from restaurants.

I think "present perfect" is the correct choice. The reason is that it implies that upto the moment of speaking I am not a good cook. I think never was can fit in the following context:

John: Hey subha, do you remeber you made pizza last year. it tasted really bad. Me: You know John, I never was a good cook.

I am a non native speaker. So sometimes it's very confusing for me to choose the correct tense. Can anyone please provide a good example that help me understand the difference between never was and have never been?