How to react to a mouse biting?

2017-11-19 04:31:53

A friend just got a pair of fancy mice for her children. They are trying to get the mice accustomed to the humans, and my friend said one mouse already bit her, "but it didn't hurt too much".

I've had mice before and know that they can bite strong enough to draw blood. I also have made the mistake of not teaching a cat to not bite humans when he was tiny and his bites were cute; we couldn't re-educate him as an adult. So, if mice have the ability to learn to not bite, I think it will be in my friend's interest to try to teach them. She told me she is not sure how she should react, but I didn't feel qualified to give advice.

Should my friend try to train them to not bite humans, or is this impossible with mice? If she can train them, what approach can work? If she can't train them, how should she behave? Ignore the bite? Put a distance between herself and the mouse?

She mentioned that the mice are already losing some of their anxiety towards the humans, and she think

  • Luckily it's incredibly easy to 'train' mice not to bite at hands. Although it's not so much of training as it is getting them comfortable with hands.

    Small rodents like mice, gerbils, and hamsters, have it pretty rough at the pet store. Children will come into the store and immediately run to see the cute fluffy rodents, banging their hands against the glass. Not to mention all the awful tapping.

    This is incredibly stressful on them, and they learn that it's the hands that are the cause of all their stress. So the last thing they want is one of the hands anywhere near them. A light nip is their way of saying "I don't really like this".

    So how to fix it?

    It's going to be tough on the kids, but the best way to dissociate hands with stressful feelings is to leave them alone for three to four days. The only things you're allowed to do during this time is give them new food and water, and clean their cage as necessary. Absolutely no trying to pick them up or pet them during this time

    2017-11-19 04:47:11
  • So i just got this mouse exactly one week ago today. A ciuple days ago after the 3-4 day period of course i started the bonding and taming process. In this period i have successfully had him come willingly onto my hand and such but he has bitten me twice already and i cant seem to know what is going on. Is there anything i can do?

    2017-11-19 06:05:23