How to restrict access to a single for users I've authorized?

2017-11-17 21:27:56

I have a WordPress site which doesn't require any login or user registration. However, I have just created a page on my website which I would like to restrict to users I have added myself. I would like each user to have their own specific credentials so I can track when/where they are logging in. For example, I want John Smith to be able to view my restricted page. So I would create a username J_Smith and a password pass4321!. Then he could login with these credentials and view the page.

I've looked at a few plugins to do this, but they only seem to restrict access to pages based on WordPress user permissions. The people I would register wouldn't have any access to the WordPress development, but would access the site via URL like everyone else who visits. Only they would be able to view this extra page as well if they have correct login credentials.

Is there a way to do this with plugins? I've looked at this plugin and