Let manager know I don't fault him for recruiters mistakes and am sorry about being rude after

2017-10-22 08:51:05

My manager recently 'strongly suggested' I apply for a job opening in our team that was a pay grade and title higher, from senior mid level developer to Jr level senior developer. As my manager said, bringing my compensation in line with the work I already do day in and day out.

I applied and was called by the recruiter on Tuesday who gave me the numbers: new title + 1 pay grade bump (~22% extra pay + more bonus potential + extra PTO). I was happy with this since it would bring my compensation in line with what an outside hire would be payed for the position. I was actually surprised and had thought they would not give me such a large increases in compensation since it is an internal promotion.

Wednesday the recruiter called me to tell me HR only approved 15% and a title bump but no grade jump, so no extra PTO or extra bonus potential. Even though these new numbers where pretty much what I originally thought the company would give anyway, I was kind of shocked since it

  • Is there a good way to let my manager know that I am sorry for the snippy response and that I appreciate his effort and his backing and I don't fault him for the recruiter's bad work but that at the same time it is also kind of disheartening?

    Seems to me that the whole recruiter situation is a different matter and does not justify your response to your manager; good thing you realize that and want to apologize.

    It also seems that your manager actually wanted to get you a better raise than it was supposed to be, so he is actually on your side here.

    If you want to apologize I suggest you do it personally, face to face if possible. In this situation you could just be honest, and probably say something like:

    Hello boss. I am sorry I overreacted last day. I was upset at something else, and the upcoming deadline had me worried, so I probably was not so kind in my reply. I truly ment no disrespect.

    I would refrain from mentioning the recruiters "mistake", as your boss was actua

    2017-10-22 09:02:50