Adding an interim/acting position to my resume

2017-10-21 18:11:49

Almost 2 months ago, my manager left the company. My group reports directly to the CEO, so I was made acting Director, reporting to the CEO. It looks like I'll be in the position for somewhere between 4-6 months while we search for a replacement.

My day job is an engineer, not a manager. I would love to list the position of acting Director on my resume but I'm not sure how to list it.

I could list it as one of my job duties and responsibilities as an engineer, but then it "hides" the fact that I did director-level work. The role is essentially a full-time job, and quite frankly I'm not really doing engineering work any more because of it.

I could list it as a separate position, but it would only be for a couple of months - and questions such as "if you were an acting director and you were effective, why didn't they offer you the full position?" might come up. And furthermore, going from engineer to a managerial position back to engineer may also raise flags if I eventu