4 year old being hit in school

2017-10-18 18:05:41

For the last few days my four year old daughter has been coming home and telling me that she has been hit, and hurt, at school by a couple of boys.

We don't hit in our house and she has no siblings or close family to squabble with so this is all very new to her - she has been telling the teacher but nobody from the school has said anything to me about it.

I'm pulling her teacher to one side in the morning to talk about it with her but I'm so annoyed with it that I'm so tempted to just tell her to fight back, however, she is known at school as being a very sensitive and caring little girl and she always looks to see the best in people so I obviously don't want to change her outlook and encourage her to do something that she knows is wrong.

So I've been wondering, what do you tell your kids to do when they get hit? Have any of them been hit in school and how have they dealt with it? What was the fallout with other parents? How would you handle this?