Son has to write a critical letter to a controversial figure for school

2017-10-17 23:16:34

My 13 year old son started at a new high-school this year because we moved to another city. It took some time for him to get used to the new environment, but he's slowly getting used to it.

Today, after asking if he had any homework, I heard from him that the school has joined "a campaign" in which every student at school (starting from age 11 to 18) has to write a letter to a public figure about a certain topic. One of the problems that came up with this is that both the topic and the person in question is chosen by the school itself for every student. This resulted into my son having to write against a stance of a very influential politician.

I am strongly against this. Considering the current situation of our country and the political views of the school my son is going to, this is clearly just a way to push their own agenda. Besides that, my son has little knowledge about this topic and while I know he probably doesn't have his own stance on it, the school is just t