How to change the home page to be

2017-04-03 00:39:19

A client wants to build a new Joomla website in two phases. The first phase is a very simple website with mainly a blog. The blog would appear on the home page. The second phase will include the rest of the company's content and will have the blog appear on the Main Menu. But for phase 1 the blog (which are Joomla Articles) is going to appear as

The concern is not to lose the SEO from the blog in phase 2 of the website. So how can we make it so in phase 1 the home page which will display the blog and the blog articles appearing as so that when we complete phase 2 none of the SEO efforts on the blog is lost?

The intention is to build this website correctly the first time so none of the SEO from the blog is disrupted and needs no redirection in phase 2.

Where and how can this best be accomplished? A Joomla extension? If so, which one? Something in .htaccess? If so, please provide an example or a link to what you have in mind. C

  • First of all you won't lose your SEO ranking as long as you redirect your visitors correctly. The links Google found shouldn't result in a 404 error page, but redirect to a valid page. This can be the same link structure, but you can also use .htaccess to redirect.

    The best way is to change the base/root in the .htaccess: RewriteBase /blog

    If you want a htaccess-maker for Joomla I can recommend Akeeba Admin Tools.

    2017-04-03 01:10:04
  • Well, final answer depends on many things, but as a basic approach for what you have described I probably would conclude on building the blog section and its url structure under a of the Joomla site and use an htaccess redirect for the homepage requests to the /blog for as long as this is what you need.

    2017-04-03 01:35:18