Store Bitcoins offline

2017-09-23 11:27:52

I have some bitcoins and ether at and I am really scared of losing them.

How do I best secure them? Right now I have a paper with the code to restore my wallet, but my coins are still stored at

Wouldn't it be better to store them completely offline? How do I do this? What is the difference of storing them at and keep a paper with the code to restore the wallet?

I guess if I store my coins at, I have to trust that they don't go bankrupt, they don't steal my coins, and no one hacks their servers and steal my coins.

Therefore, I guess it's more safe to store them physically, but I don't understand how they are stored physically. From my understanding, I just create a code that can validate that I am the owner of the coins. So if I in the future want to see my coins, I can create an online wallet using the physically stored code?

What I basically want is to store my coins offline but have a wallet where I c

  • Might be worth reading through

    Personally I use a local encrypted wallet (standard bitcoin core software) that I back up to USB. My assumption is that the strength of the wallet encryption is good enough that even if my PC or USB is compromised the wallet pass phrase will keep my coins safe.

    2017-09-23 11:36:56