Conway's Siege of Life

2017-09-08 01:44:34

They are immortal and they are killing us. We may not be able to kill them, but we might be able to keep them occupied, distracted, for eternity. But we need to figure out how. Before there are no more of us.

In an arena that measures 25 by 25, play Conway's Game of Life with these additional rules:

Cells outside the arena are always dead.

The cell at the center of the arena cannot be occupied and is considered always dead.

You may designate additional cells in the arena that are always dead.

At the end of an iteration, if there are any live cells in the center 3x3 area (trigger zone), all cells in the center 5x5 area (kill zone) die.

Task: Create an arrangement that represents the start of a time-wise loop (i.e.: returns to its original arrangement after some number of iterations).

Scoring: Total number of cells killed in the trigger zone during the span of one loop times 125,000 divided by the number of iterations in the loop. Highest score wins. (Give your arra