Multiple Regression Analysis in EViews

2017-07-22 11:26:43

I am new to EViews and i have tried to run a data analysis on Eviews. However, even after trying regressively my outputs are not upto the mark.

Therefore, i need your help regarding the same.

I want to know that in EViews regression analysis, if out of 4 independent variables, 1 comes out with a p-value of 55%, while others are all significant with p value less than 5% and Durbin Watson value of 2.34 and significant R square and f values, does it make the whole model insignificant? if not, what does it mean?

Basically i was trying to find out the factors affecting demand of houses in urban india, i took variables such as interest rate, log of total rented dwellings, unemployment and urban population, my dependent variable was increment in home loans.

Out of all the variables only unemployment is insignificant, though its coefficient is negative which is fine.

Also, if one p value is negative then how can I interpret it?

I'm very confused, please reply ASAP. I'll be gr