How should we support 16 year old step sister who ran away from home

2017-06-17 23:27:27

We're in Canada, if that's relevant.

The cast

Abbie - my partner (in her late 20s)

Clint - my parther's ex-step father, who still has a semi-fatherly presence in Abbie's life (talk or visit once a month or so)

Beth - Clint's current partner, only reluctantly a part of our lives

Debora - Beth's 16 year old daughter, from a previous relationship. Has a step-sister role with Abbie. They're friendly, go for coffee/shopping together every now and then

Debora's history

Beth has had a history of emotional instability and alcoholic/drug addicted boyfriends. Beth's latest partner, Clint, is outwardly a nice guy, but has had numerous "bad patches" often due to drugs, chronic pain, and drugs for chronic pain. This manifests as both parents laying into Debora, often taking tones of slut shaming, guilt tripping etc.

Current situation

After a confrontation, Clint took Debora's phone away. As a "straw that broke the camel's back" response, Debora has run away. She stayed at a fr