Raspberry PI 3: own wifi network (without internet)

2017-06-08 09:19:07

Here I explain better what I would like to do with the raspberry.

The raspberry 3 PI has minibian installed and serves as a controller for a robot that needs the wifi connection to work properly.

Up to now I am using it in my house, so I know exactly the SSID and the Password of the network, therefore I have set them as a scheme in the network interfaces file so that the raspberry can connect to them after the boot.

The problem is that if I want to use the raspberry in other place I need to insert manually the new scheme containing the SSID and the Password of the new network. So what I want to do is that if the raspberry doesn't find any known network, it builds its own WiFi network (without being connected to internet) so that I can connect to it saying which is the SSID I want it to connect and the relate password.

Is it possible to do? Have you any suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance.