Issues with the Default Email address for bounces - authentication

2017-05-19 16:30:14

CiviCRM 4.7.19 / Drupal 7.54

I am stuggeling with the setup of the default mail account in CiviCRM

(... /civicrm/admin/mailSettings?reset=1)

I have setup a IMAP mail account for processing bounced email. Receiving email in this mail account works using my mail client using information below.

Mail account info:

Email address:

Username: (ISP requires that the full email

address be used for the username)

Password: mypass


Protocol: IMAP

SSL: is activated


CiviCRM (CiviMAIL) settings:

Name: Bounce processing


Username: bounces <<<<--- should be full email addres:

Password: mypass

Local part:

Email domain:

Return address:

Protocol: IMAP


Use SSL: checked

Used for: processing bounces


Results Cron Job -

Entiteit: job Actie: fetch_bounces


  • CiviMail doesn't concatenate the username to the servername, it just takes whatever you provide and tries to connect using those credentials.

    But my guess is that the issue is unrelated to the username, since your error message is:

    Failed to connect to the server:

    I'd guess that you've more likely got a firewall issue, or an SSL issue on your server.

    You can test by manually trying to connect to your mail server, using e.g. the instructions here:

    2017-05-19 16:58:51