Did Emma have an abortion?

2017-05-18 19:55:45

In Terms of Endearment, there is a scene depicting a visibly pregnant Emma Horton looking like she is starting the second trimester (just a guess) of her pregnancy while she is on the phone with her mother, Aurora:

Emma: Don't yell, but I really think that I might be pregnant again.

Aurora: Oh, no! And, you're going to have it, I suppose?

Emma: Yes, of course! What's happening to you, anyways?

Aurora: Don't act like that's so terrible. Bright young women are

having simple abortions.

Emma: Simple?

After this scene, Emma is in the supermarket with her 2 boys and she is visibly not pregnant anymore and she does not have a baby with her.

I am aware that she does have a baby girl later. Is her baby girl the child that she was carrying during the call with her mother?

I realize that I might have missed a scene since I watched this on television. Did her mother convince her to abort that child and she got pregnant later with her daughte