Authors on Truth over Illusion to achieve happiness

2018-10-23 12:12:23

It is accepted that white lies and creating fantasies is sometimes needed to deal with psychological pain specially with children. Sometimes reality is hard to deal with therefore people tend to create complex systems of believes or borrow new existing ones which may or may have not a scientific basis as for instance religions.

The problem with illusions is that sooner or later an event could wake up from that dream therefore you will suffer again.

Perhaps that process of illusionment/disillusionment can lead you towards more suffering therefore It could be much more appropriate to be realistic about life in the fist place in order to prevent grief. Nevertheless not everybody is ready to accept the truth specially when you are emotionally attached to an idea because if you are wrong you would be emotionally devastated.

In some cases truth can help you let of go of grief. E.g. "visiting a therapist and telling lies won't help however telling the truth and identifying

  • Only one brand of philosophy examines truth in this way as a means to ending suffering and it has a vast literature. The Buddha is an obvious recommendation. Other names would be Sri Ramana Maharshi, Osho, Aurobindo, Rupert Spira, Plotinus, Gurdjieff, Alan Watts, the Dalai Lama. The list is endless and which you'd like or find most useful is not predictable. Perhaps the Baghavad Gita would be a way in as it has been for many. The present Dalai Lama writes simply and clearly for Westerners.

    The idea is simply that if we examine our consciousness we discover that the sufferer is unreal. Thus from such an examination the Buddha arrives at the 'Four Noble Truths'. This would be a consequence of the pursuit of Truth and the victory of Truth over illusion.

    Generally what you're asking about is the literature of advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, philosophical Taoism, Sufism and so forth. They all share the same view of suffering. The self is what suffers but would not really exist.


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