Using binary system for Henry Classfication System.

2018-10-20 06:31:18

In my forensic science class, we learned about the Henry classification system of fingerprints to categorize fingerprints based on the type of print each finger had. The system itself uses the decimal system, but I think it should use binary instead.

The classification method is described in this Wikipedia article, each finger is labeled from 1 to 10, starting with the right thumb and ending with the left pinky. If a finger has a print classified as a "whorl", then the finger would be given a designated value (16, 8, 4, 2, or 1) and otherwise 0. The numbers are added in a specific group and placed either in the numerator or denominator of a fraction, with 1 added to both the numerator and denominator. Any set of prints will have a range between 1/1 and 32/32.

To me, I see the use of binary as much more visually intuitive. Instead of a number like 17/5, 10000/00100 can be much easier to identify: the finger in the first position in the numerator has a whorl, and the fing