Hydraulic disc brake too loose

2018-10-19 05:14:07

I recently replaced my brake pads on a Tektro M285 Hydraulic Disc. After replacing them I pumped the levers so it would go back into place but after a bit of pumping, I noticed that it only adjusted itself a tiny bit. Before I had replaced the brake pads, when I would press down the on the lever it wouldn't go so far but now when I press down on the lever, the lever would hit my fingers before a proper brake could be applied. Is there a way to tighten the lever more so it doesn't hit my fingers?

Also when I was waiting for the new brake pads to be shipped to my home I did notice a small drop of pinkish liquid under the caliper, does that mean something is leaking on my brakes? The specifications on my bike brakes mentioned that it uses Non-Corrosive Mineral Oil. Is the pinkish liquid the Mineral oil? What do I need to do to stop that from happening?