debian wont chroot

2018-10-19 05:06:28

I am making a chroot system and i made this python script with some bash:

import os

print("Grand Linux 0.1 Installer pt1")

i386 = "i386"

amd64 = "amd64"

def system_setup():

print("Partition the drive")

os.system("fdisk -l")

print("Which drive do you want to partition? Make both a root and swap!")

disk_input = input("Enter Here: ")

os.system("cfdisk " + disk_input)

print("What do you want the root partition to be at?")

root_part_input = input("Enter Here:")

print("were do you want the swap partition to be at?")

swap_part_input = input("Enter Here:")

os.system("mkfs.ext4 " + root_part_input)

os.system("mkswap " + swap_part_input)

os.system("swapon " + swap_part_input)

os.system("mount " + root_part_input + " /mnt")

print ("What architecture use? Options: amd64 or i386")

arch_input = input("Enter Here: ")

os.system("apt-get update")

os.system("apt upgrade")

os.system("apt-get install debootstrap")