Several noob questions about Arduino and electronics

2018-10-12 01:25:27

I spontaneously bought an Arduino yesterday. I am amazed by the complexity and yet the simplicity of it, finding it absolutely fascinating. I have some questions thought:

Does the number/string next to each pin refer to it in the code ?

I have a LED - I plugged the - in the GND and the + in a pin and it managed to light up. However, the GND pins are very few, so how can I use more than 2-3 LEDs?

I currently don't have any resistors and will be able to acquire some in a few days. Until then, can I plug two LEDs so they share the 5 V? Kinda like 5 V for both LEDs that together require 6.4 V?

I'm interested in coding up an RC car in the near future. Will Arduino's 5 V be enough to power the DC motor to make the car move?

I have a LED strip that is powered through a transformer plugged in the socket. How would I attach my Arduino to the strip so I can program it while it gets power from the transformer?

Excuse me for the dumb questions. I'm already pretty decent at coding

  • You should go through the guides and tutorials at

    The numbers on the board do correspond to the pin designations, so a function like digitalwrite or analogread will reference that pin.

    Don't connect LEDs directly without a dropper resistor, the outputs have limited current capability.

    You'll need a driver stage to handle the current drawn by an RC motor, there are plenty of projects to be found that show the idea like this or you can use the Arduino to generate the signals needed for the cheapo ESCs that incorporate the drive.

    2018-10-12 01:47:53