How to keep the synchronization of two equipments that that rotating but do not have a common drive?

2018-08-22 13:14:45

I have two equipments. One is a bottle unscrambler and one is a bottle inserter in puck. These two equipments do not have a common drive but they are synchronized. When we start the two equipments we phase the two of them based on the zeroing of the pockets where bottle is handed over from unscrambler to the other equipment. Unscrambler is the master is this drive and bottle inserter in puck is the slave. Unfortunately during running we are facing the issue of inserter losing synchronization with the unscrambler whilst it is running.

We are unable to root cause our issue. The two equipments were working completely fine up until now.

If there is someone experienced with these kind of systems, can you please help us out in pointing us in the right direction?

Thanks in advance