Search query to find articles on website with certain tags

2018-08-16 17:28:04

I have the following search query to find pages on my website where I'd like to make as much as possible use of existing functionalities to determine relationship names and to hardcore the least as possible.

I have the following relationships:


- belongsTo

- Domain

- SearchResult

- belongsToMany

- Tags

- belongsTo

- TagType

- IndexedArticle

- hasMany

- IndexedArticleWord

- belongsTo


- belongsTo

- Language

In this query I'm searching for articles that match the words that were provided in the search query. A search query is split up into an array of words that is fed into the below query.

Then the results are in the query also matched against the tag criteria.

For example, if you have a tag type theme with the tags: