Best time to hand in notice period?

2018-07-12 15:17:27

Normally this is a pretty easy question for me to answer, but my current situation makes it difficult. One week ago, I was approached by a recruiter for a potential job. Within the week, I went through 2 interviews and they sent me a offer letter the same week. Everything moved very fast. I have verbally accepted the offer and have every intention to sign the contract. They have offered a start date 2 weeks from today, pretty standard.

While that is all great, my current company has a large trip planned for a client. I have to go on this trip because of the nature of the deal and I leave tomorrow.

I am unsure when the appropriate time is to hand in my notice and if I should accept the start date 2 weeks from now, or push back on my next employer and request a start date 3 weeks from now.

The problem: I leave for the trip tomorrow... Do you recommend I should....

1.) Handing in my 2 weeks notice today: Might distract everyone from the trip with the client. After ret

  • There is never a convenient time to hand in your notice. There will always be a business trip where you are needed, or a project that needs your skills or a meeting that needs to be attended or a person who will be inconvenienced. Your first priority is to do what is best for you.

    If others are distracted on the business trip by your resignation, that's their problem, not yours. You just do your job as expected while waiting out your notice period.

    Remember: if a business is properly run then nobody is indispensable, not even the CEO.

    2018-07-12 17:33:27