Was a finger ever grown back with “pixie dust”?

2018-06-19 02:37:26

TL;DR: Has ECM powder ever been reliably shown to regrow a lost finger(tip)?

I have seen a few variations of this claim. Effectively, man somehow loses a finger(tip), man gets some sort of extracellular matrix( ECM) powder (usually pig bladder), man regrows his finger. I have seen it on popular science, huffington post, and even the bbc. I remember watching a video about Lee Spievack (the man whose brother allegedly sent him the "pixie dust" but died before he could complete his research) as well that I haven't looked for for this. The claim is that the ECM powder attracts stem cells and those stem cells can grow back a finger. So the question is: has ECM powder ever been reliably demonstrated to grow back missing fingers?

Note: It's similar to this article in the New York Daily News (also about a finger being regenerated) and this from CBS (but that has to do with regenerating muscle tissue. Fingers are more complicated). Also The Guardian did a debunking. But New York