SharePoint Create a List with Multiple Selection Items that Include Sub Lists

2018-06-14 22:09:06

Here is the situation,

I got tasked to create something in O365 (exclusively) that would allow people to request help from a coach. The system has to match the person with a coach according to many information such as the category of help (begging with outlook, optimizing process, using common tools…), the date and approximate time of the meeting.

I am looking into using PowerApps with a (or multiple) SharePoint list to populate the app. There would be a list for the “students” and a list for the “coach”. I plan on using SharePoint flows that is triggered by adding an element to the list.

My issue is that I need to be able to be able to create a multiple selection list linked with sub list. In other words, depending on the selection of the first element of the list, it changes the content of the second element.

I was also wondering if my solution (to start a flow by a submission, then find a match, based on multiple criterion, in another list, send a meeting reques