Freedom from the tyranny of gravity

2017-04-21 12:01:59

So I've been browsing Worldbuilding for a while now and the answer to so many questions seems to be "No, gravity doesn't allow it".

Gravity (and the square-cube law, but as I understand the problem with that is also gravity) means we can't have believable dragons, giants (of any kind), large insects, flying whales. Even tall buildings and various sci-fi spaceship abilities are limited by gravity.

So I'm wondering is it possible to replace gravity with a similar force that keeps things attached to planets and makes things fall (orbits are a nice extra bonus but optional for the purpose of this question) and all the other things we expect from gravity, but that doesn't crush our giant creatures or make large flying animals impossible. Just lowering gravity isn't enough, that comes with it's own different set of problems.

Obviously you can handwave this (and most stories and worlds must) and it's not something that would directly be mentioned in most cases but I'd like to