Create a civilization out of our domesticated animals - The Dolittle plan

2017-04-21 12:01:33

Human civilization really took off when individuals started to interact with each other, in language and trade and settlements. The transition from stone age to our space faring civilization of today wasn't as much a matter of sudden genetic mutation as it was a social organization realizing a latent potential. I hope there're no big disagreements about that so far.

Regard dogs. Very social and somewhat malleable domesticated animals as we have bred them. What if we tought them to "speak" with each other? Not teach them to speak with us (like Dolittle), which all dog training to date seems to focus on. But to use our technology to create dog-to-dog-adapted multimedia user interfaces to facilitate the dogs' communication with each other. Creating a dog language for dog use. Even if we might not understand all of what they chat with each other using it. For them to create their own civilization on their conditions here among us.

The dog-communicating civilization, as far