Alternative to ampache

2017-04-21 11:44:58

I currently use ampache (a web based music player), and most of it is great. However, looking at the commit graph on github it seems that development is slowing down considerably since more than a year now, and also there seems to be only one active developer.

To me this looks like a project that could be abandoned soon. So I am looking for alternatives.

Must have features:

Web based

Accessible from multiple clients

Multiple users

runs on my own Linux server

local play - control music through browser but play through other device, e.g. an mpd server.

Usable for large collection (500.000 files)

Active development

Nice to have features

User friendly interface (ampache is not great in this respect)

Working mobile client (ampache has lots of mobile clients, none of which work)

Open Source

Written in python