New cat only licks sauce / gravy from wet food and ignores the chunks, but eats dry food without issues

2017-04-21 11:37:12

My girlfriend and I adopted a shelter cat, unknown age, but we were told she was rather old (10 to 17 years?). Was very shy in the beginning and hid under the bed or in my wardrobe. But purred when petted. Now she has fully accepted us as their servants, always comming and sitting on our laps when we return from work and get comfortable on the couch. She's not hiding anymore and roams the flat freely. Hopefully we can let her out into the garden soon.

Her eating habits are rather un-cat-ish though:

She eats very little, most of the food goes to the trashcan when her bowls (yes several, we don't really know what food she was used to) are renewed.

She eats dry food, we see her eating from it, and sometimes we can hear her munching when we are in bed.

She drinks water sufficiently.

From the wet food she only licks sauce / gravy and ignores the chunks (maybe she eats a few chunks, but merely as a by-product of gravy-licking)

(Maybe I should write a letter to whiskas asking f