Do wizards know of great literature by Muggles?

2018-04-22 23:42:35

Inspired by Does Hogwarts teach non magical classes question, as well as the Harry Potter series' supposed effect on children in introducing them to reading.

I'm curious whether there are mentions in the story / Word of God about wizards' knowledge of literature by authors known to Muggles. Like, say, Ron arguing with Neville about Nabokov, Hermoine quoting 1984 at Umbridge, or Harry curling up with The Great Gatsby. Or a professor saying something in class that acknowledges the existence of great real-life literature. Or even JKR mentioning some specific Muggle book Dumbledore likes. Anything like that.

Basically, is there any specific word by JKR in books or exchanges to suggest that wizards read something other than news and magic-world-related things?