Is it possible to induce Exploding Head Syndrome in an otherwise healthy individual?

2018-04-22 07:28:09

A friend of mine has EHS (he usually hears gunshots or explosions) nearly every night.

I don’t have EHS, however one night I fell asleep in an extremely uncomfortable and cramped position with my neck bent backwards and cervical spine impinged by the edge of a table. As I was falling asleep, I “heard” a massive, single “bang” on the wall that sounded like it was dually both there and not there simultaneously, with a great degree of uncertainty whether it were real or not. Clearly, this is a very specific hypnagogic hallucination akin to EHS.

Is it possible that a main root cause of EHS is cervical pressure, confinement or impingement of a specific area of the CNS that somehow influences sleep centers to generate specific types of hypnagogic hallucinations? Might pressure applied elsewhere generate other kinds of hallucinations?