How can I improve this latte?

2018-04-19 17:03:29

I have this Delonghi espresso machine. After much trial and error, I have got to the point where my I am able to make cappuccinos and lattes with a milk texture which is pleasing to taste.

In order to make the textured milk/microfoam appropriate for a latte, rather than a foamy cappuccino, I had to remove the metal sleeve on the steam wand as this was preventing me from directing the wand precisely enough to swirl it into a microfoam.

However, I have the following issues:

I still can't get a fine enough foam to produce latte art.

My espresso and its crema do not seem dark enough to produce the contrast in colours you find in good latte art from a cafe.

I cannot seem to get the coffee and the milk to as hot a temperature as you get in a cafe - even if I pre-heat my cup. Could this because many cafes serve their coffee too hot?

Is it possible that the machine itself is simply not good enough, or do I need to improve my technique?

Here is my latte:

And here is t

  • I own this machine and have since moved on from it for the exact reasons you stated.

    It is possible to create microfoam that is good enough for making clearly defined latte art on the Delonghi Dedica but it requires practice (as would doing the same on any machine). You did the right thing by removing the metal sleeve but the main problem is that the steam power is relatively weak and so it makes it harder to create the vortex required to properly incorporate the aerated milk. Focus on trying to create a spinning vortex/whirlpool type effect in your milk as this is the most important step in ensuring you end up with silky milk.

    Aerate the milk by keeping the tip of the steam wand near the surface of the milk. You should hear spitting noises. This will introduce air into the milk.

    Once you have aerated enough, dip the tip of the steam wand below the surface and try to form a vortex/whirlpool.

    Spin the milk as in step 2 until the milk is at the right temperature.

    For good latte mi

    2018-04-19 17:36:29
  • I've steamed milk on my friend's Saeco Aroma, which seems to be in the same class as your Delonghi, and was able to get good microfoam. Aside from getting some pointers along the way, the key is practice. It took me years to master consistently steamed milk worthy of latte art. You'll probably get something decent if you keep working at it, but then you'll lose it, and you'll go back and forth in that cycle (unless you pick up a job at a coffee shop and make 100 drinks/day). Anyway, here's some pointers to get you started.

    Incorporate as much air as you can until the milk roughly reaches the temperature of your hand (think 95 - 105 F). You're going to need all that air, as the steam wand doesn't have enough power to work with less air. Then dip the wand for the remainder of the time, trying to fold all those bubbles into the milk. Steam until you can't bare to touch the pitcher anymore, then wait an additional 5-10 seconds (I wait for about 2 seconds on my machine, but yours will

    2018-04-19 18:03:41
  • People who tried removing the sleeve of the steam wand on Delonghi dedica (I have EC685), anyone had problems with the rubber fly off after about 5 seconds even if I already release the pressure prior? It just flies off into my milk and splashing everywhere...!!! I really want this to work!

    2018-04-19 18:43:25